About Compri Solar

Compri Solar is a manufacturer and supplier of solar substructure systems for solar panels.

We produce high-quality substructure systems where ease of installation, quality and durability come first. Our focus is on developing and producing total solutions for installing solar panels on the flat roof, the sloped roof, the façade and the open field.

Thanks to our years of expertise and specialization in the field of aluminum production, Compri Solar has a balanced package of solar substructure systems for various configurations.

As a manufacturer and supplier to the business market, Compri Solar focuses on customer demand in order to fulfill specific solutions for solar panel installation and their delivery. In addition to compri solar's customer-oriented focus, you will receive clear and clear advice with technical data, installation instructions and calculation software in order to provide optimal support. Thanks to Compri Solar's customer-focused focus, you are assured of customized advice and optimal service and aftersales.